As a keyboard player in bands since his teens Ben always had a keen interest in recording and producing for his co-writers. This quickly evolved into a small midi studio where he found himself on the bleeding edge of composition technology from then on.

The styles of his bands went from early punk with “The Vajatones” to alternative rock with “Existence” to hip hop and soul funk with “Myriad” and “Pollster” to world jazz fusion with “Tribal Jury”. Progressive rock with “Leftwood” and “Smo King Motor”. Electronic pop with “Astronaut”, “Core Element” and “Paradigm Shift”, Electro and breaks with “J.Ryan and BCSlaam”.

Ben also produced for up and coming artists such as Samantha Jade, Rachael Claudio, Cleone Wotten, Samanta Ray, Ebonnie, Eva Moyle, Wesley Fuller, Brett Collins, Nick Reid, Jay Winter, Lee Jones, Paul Black and Seychelles artist Sonny Morgan. He also collaborated with Paul Woseen from Screaming Jets, Dave McKinney of Flow Dynamics/Rhibosome and renowned drummer Daniel Susnjar. All through these years Ben was gaining momentum in his true vocation as a film composer.

Ben’s career as a composer began in 1988 writing and recording scores in “Singa the Lion” and “Crash Bang Wollop” by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle, Western Australia. That lead on to composing for the Nexus Dance Group in “My Dinosaurs” and the WA Youth Theatre Company in “Mad Forest”.

Ben’s first drama soundtrack was for “Control Down” by Soundstage Australia which lead on to his first animation scores for David Downie in the cult cartoon “Sick Dog” and the “Hansard” series. It seemed evident that Ben had carved himself a niche in scoring for animation, comedy and childrens TV with his roots in urban, funk, rock and jazz music. It gave him an edge over other more classically trained composers. This attracted well known director Peter Templeman to commission him to score for “Gifted Thumbs”. Then various short films such as “Abandon” by julian Argus, “Ransis and Alee” by Randal Lynton and documentaries such as “Vegiwars”, “7 Days” and “Try it for Five” followed.

During this time Ben wrote and produced commercial soundtracks/jingles such as the “FatCat to Bed “ series, Scitech “Who Dunnit”, Lotto “It’s lotto time” and Mazda “Parkie” and “Brightie”.

From there Ben has gone on to compose for Crewjo and their OZ/S.Korean co pro animated pilot called “Charlie Gribble”. And just recently Zactoons in their “Des Demona” Series and “God Squad” an edgy Aussie cult animated series.